Safe Filming Forms

Safe Filming Forms are available for producers and workers in accordance to their activities and needs. Some of these documents do not have to be submitted to FDCP but must be kept as records in compliance to the RA11058 or the OSH LAW, RA 11332  or the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Concern Law and other existing laws. These forms must be kept by the producers in case of inspection by DOLE.


1. COVID-19 Health Declaration Form.

Must be accomplished by all workers prior to the production activities. It is important to ensure that workers and individuals entering the workplaces and production sites are healthy to assist in combating the spread of COVID-19. It will also assist in meeting obligations for the recording of people's movements to enable contact tracing if required. The declaration needs to be completed and submitted to the producer/employer before starting work and before entering or visiting any site or premises for or on behalf of the production.

2. COVID-19 Sign-In Registration Form.

The OSH officer must ensure that all workers at the beginning of the production shoot sign-in by filling out this form. This record must be kept by the producer and may be required by the DOH for contact tracing.


3. Illness and Injury Investigation Form.

This is to record injuries or illness sustained by any worker during the course of the production shoot along with recommendations on how to prevent such from happening again. This must be reported to FDCP and DOLE within thirty (30) days after the occurence of the illness and injury.

4. Health and Safety Orientation.

It is the role of Producers/Employers to communicate and engage with their workers regularly on how to safely carry out work in a COVID-19 environment. All workers must be able to undergo a Health and Safety Orientation through the OSH officer so they are informed about the risks and hazards in the workplace and be guided to processes and procedures that have been developed to mitigate the hazards. This form may be used to record that their Health and Safety Orientation has been completed. This must be kept as a record by the production.

5. Safety Requirements Checklist for Call Sheets.

This is a guide for producers to use as a checklist in including safety information about the production shoot in their Call Sheets. This is to ensure that the cast and crew are equipped with information with regard to health and safety on set. This form must be kept by the Producer.

6. Incident Register.

This is to record any health-related incidents that occur during the production and must be kept as a record by the production.

7. Risk Register.

This form must be filled out that takes stock of each production site’s possible risks on the venue that may cause injury or illness to the workers and controls to eliminate and minimize the same. This must be filled out by the OSH Officer and submitted to the Production prior to the start of the production.