File a Safety and Health Complaint

You can file a work-related and health risk complaint if you believe conditions in a workplace are unsafe or if you or someone else is experiencing harassment or violence on the job and believe your employer is not correcting the situation.

Before you report your situation, you can:

  • discuss your concerns with your supervisor or employer
  • consult your joint health and safety committee member or OSH OFFICER, if there is one



Reporting of Workplace Incidents and Illnesses

If you are an employer in a workplace you need to notify the DOLE, your workplace health and safety committee or OSH OFFICER, and when:

  • Someone is killed or Critically Injured
  • One of your workers has an Occupational Illness
  • There is an accident, explosion or fire, or there is an incident of workplace violence and someone is injured and can't do their usual work or needs medical attention
  • There is an accident or unexpected event on a construction site or in a mine or mining plant, even if no one is hurt
  • You do not own the workplace and the health and safety committee or OSH OFFICER makes you aware of a potential structural inadequacy of the building that could be a hazard to workers